DOE Oak Ridge Office of Environmental Management documentary: Biggest Achievement of 2020

Carmen Bigles is featured in a U.S. Department of Energy documentary about the successful clean up and reindustrialization of the former K-25 site, future home of the Coquí Medical Isotope Production Facility. The U.S. Department of Energy transferred land for the facility and provided research support through the national laboratories. Coquí’s facility will produce medical isotopes that diagnose and treat diseases, primarily Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99), which is used in 18 million medical procedures a year in the U.S. 

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Y-12 video: Supporting medical isotope production

Global supplies of Mo-99 are becoming increasingly unreliable as facilities capable of producing the isotope age and shut down. Mo-99 shortages, deprive patients from receiving lifesaving diagnostics and treatment. The U.S. currently has no domestic production source. Learn how Coquí is leveraging world class research assets like Y-12, which is helping move production of this important isotope forward.

Oak Ridge Today: Y-12 supporting work to make most widely used medical isotope

Coqui Tennessee Rendering 1

The Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge is supporting a program to make an isotope used in more than 40,000 medical procedures across the nation each day. The goal is to produce the isotope, molybdenum-99 (Mo-99), in the United States without using highly enriched uranium.

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Coqui Tennessee Rendering 2

PYA Chief Alliance Officer Tom Ballard profiled Carmen Bigles for, outlining Coqui’s mission and plans to build the nation’s first facility to produce medical radioisotopes in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.

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WATE-TV: Isotope production facility coming to Oak Ridge

New jobs and new technology are coming to East Tennessee. The Coqui RadioPharmaceuticals Corporation announced plans to open in Oak Ridge in the next few years. Coqui hopes to open a medical isotope production facility to produce isotopes that diagnose and treat diseases.

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Knox News: Medical isotope producer to be built on decontaminated land near old uranium production plant

Coqui Tennessee Rendering 2

Coquí plans to build a $500 million medical isotope production facility on the land, which includes a once-contaminated area of the East Tennessee Technology Park called “Duct Island.”

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Oak Ridge Today: Company could invest $500 million at medical isotope production facility

Coquí Pharma’s Medical Isotope Production Facility

Coquí Pharma’s Medical Isotope Production Facility

Coquí Radio Pharmaceuticals Corporation announced Wednesday that it could invest $500 million at a new medical isotope production facility at the Heritage Center in west Oak Ridge. The facility could start production in late 2025, said Carmen Bigles, founder and chief executive officer of Coquí Radio Pharmaceuticals. The U.S. Department of Energy has transferred land for the facility and provided research support through the national laboratories, the company said in a press release Wednesday morning.