INVAP is an Argentinian nuclear engineering firm that will serve as Coquí Pharma’s designer and general contractor for construction of its Medical Isotope Production Facility (MIPF). INVAP was started 42 years ago as a spin-off from a nuclear research laboratory in Bariloche, Argentina. Its current main business areas are nuclear research reactors and associated facilities and space satellites. INVAP delivers many other facilities and services in high technology fields such as extractive metallurgy, metals processing, radars, nuclear medicine, radioisotope production plants, and chemical plants. Within the U.S., INVAP is a subcontractor of and consultant to Westinghouse Nuclear and B&W Nuclear, and is a supplier of space satellites for the National Air and Space Administration (NASA).

The INVAP Nuclear Business Unit (NBU) delivers the company’s flagship products—nuclear research reactors for radioisotope production and scientific applications, radioisotope processing plants, and associated facilities. INVAP has built reactors in Argentina, Peru, Algeria, Egypt, and Australia as turnkey projects, with the NBU managing all project stages from conceptual design to construction, system integration, start-up, and initial operation.