Mrs. Bigles brings more than 18 years of leadership experience in the design, construction, licensing, and operation of medical facilities. Her educational background in mathematics, architecture, and urban planning and her intuitive analytical and problem-solving skills, along with a deep knowledge of building construction and land development, create a baseline for excelling at managing projects at both macro and micro levels.

Her medical facilities construction experience has given her critical skills that ensure compliance with applicable design and established regulations and codes. She is committed to cost efficiency and quick turnaround of projects with high-quality, low-risk approaches while delivering value to customers and shareholders alike.

Her keen attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills contribute to her ability to identify and eliminate problems quickly to keep projects on track, on budget, and on schedule.

Research and Professional Experience

2009 to Present: President and CEO, Coquí Radio Pharmaceuticals Corporation.

Ms. Bigles has taken the vision of creating a commercially scalable and reliable supply of medical diagnostic and therapeutic radioisotopes in the U.S. using proven technology and has provided all the groundwork to realize that vision in a Coquí project to design, construction, and operate a MIPF in the U.S.

She first initiated the detailed planning for licensing and operation of the enterprise and then assembled a team of nuclear medicine and radiochemical experts. Through partnering with INVAP, she secured an exclusive license for the CNEAtechnology for the U.S, raised all capital for the initial project stages, and most recently completed the $7 million land acquisition at Duct Island in Oak Ridge, Tennessee for the new facility. Ms. Bigles assembled a team with the proven capability to deliver complex nuclear licensing, engineering, construction, and commissioning. Including; INVAP, MPR, Hogan Lovells and Gresham Smith. As CEO, she expanded the company from three founders to more than 60 shareholders.

2014 to 2017: President and CEO, SMSA Crane Acquisition Corp.

SMSA Crane Acquisitions Corp. is a public company that Ms. Bigles managed until it was sold in June 2017. As President, she was responsible for ensuring that all work was properly audited and filings to the SEC were done in a timely manner.

2013 to 2015:  Owner, Caribbean Radiation Oncology Center. Ms. Bigles oversaw the financing and construction for a second radiation oncology facility located in Miami, Florida, and directed the licensing and operations processes for this facility.

To alleviate needs identified in oncology radiation treatment, Ms. Bigles co-founded Serbig Pharma, a company that has a patent pending with the United States Patent and Trademark office for a molecule de- signed to eliminate cancer therapeutic resistance by targeting the cancer cell mitochondria.

2006 to 2009: CFO/Administrator, Caribbean Radiation Oncology Center.

Ms. Bigles was responsible for putting in place all construction and operating plans for this state-of-the-art medical technology center for cancer treatment. She oversaw the procurement and installation of equipment and creation of procedures, staffing plans, and policies, and she ensured that the business plan was implemented. She was responsible for meeting all regulatory compliance and licensing requirements foroperation.

After the clinic opened in 2007, Ms. Bigles performed as CFO of the clinic, continuing to oversee the financial planning and implementation and all business aspects of one of Puerto Rico’s premier medical facilities, including regulatory reporting, staffing, planning, and marketing. She also optimized the operational efficiency of the center by implementing innovative initiatives such as a state-of-the-art electronic recordkeeping system. The clinic’s standard of patient care and data was discussed in the Scientific Journal of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine in 2009 and was commended as the standard to follow.

2006 to 2007: Owner, Momentum Construction.

In order to expedite construction and ensure regulatory compliance with structural and shielding requirements for her planned radiation oncology center, Ms. Bigles created Momentum Construction and oversaw the construction of the $12 million facility. She spearheaded development of a new, quick-curing, high-density concrete for radiation shielding of the facility by working with the scientific and manufacturing communities—a major cost-saving initiative that also contributed to accelerating the completion schedule by a year.

2004 to 2006: Entrepreneur.

Ms. Bigles identified a great patient need for reliable and accessible radiation treatment centers and began the planning and implementation of the future Caribbean Radiation Oncology Center to fill this need. She created the business plan, completed market research, and oversaw the design and facility planning. She also managed the viability study, population density studies, and equipment/technology assessments needed to complete the Certificate of Need required by the Secretary of Health for new facility construction. In addition, she completed all financial planning, and sought and obtained one hundred percent of the required financial backing, leveraging her personal assets to make the project a reality. Ms. Bigles also researched and completed permitting and licensing requirements for building and operation of this specialty facility.

2000 to 2003: Project Coordinator, Gresham, Smith and Partners.

Mrs. Bigles worked as Project Coordinator for Gresham, Smith and Partners. Her duties included convening meetings between the architectural firm and engineering and construction professionals for review of drawings for HVAC systems and mechanical and other engineering details, in preparation for the construction phase of primarily medical facilities. She worked in the construction coordination of the following projects:

  • Memorial Hospital West Emergency Department (ED) expansion,
  • Plantation General Hospital surgery renovation,
  • Memorial Hospital Miramar, ,
  • Shanks Space Utilization,
  • Palms West Level 11 neonatal intensive care unit,
  • Atlantic Surgical Center renovation,
  • Palms West Hospital ED expansion, and

2002 to 2003: Professor of Architectural Design, University of Miami.

Mrs. Bigles taught freshman- level design classes in the School of Architecture.