Carmen I. Bigles is President and CEO of Coquí RadioPharmaceuticals (Coquí Pharma). Prior to founding Coquí Pharma, Bigles co-founded and served as CFO of Caribbean Radiation Oncology Center in Puerto Rico. The center is one of the region’s premier medical facilities for advanced oncological radiation technology. Bigles oversaw the $12 million construction of the center’s first facility in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, and ensured the clinic was opened one year ahead of schedule.

Bigles was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She earned a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Interamerican University in San Juan in 1997 and two master’s degrees, the first in architecture and the second in suburban and town planning, from the University of Miami in 2000.

Bigles lives in Coral Gables, Florida, with her husband, Dr. Pedro A. Serrano-Ojeda, and their two daughters, Carmen Irene Serrano-Bigles and Caterina Isabel Serrano-Bigles.

Professional Experience

2009 to Present: President and CEO, Coqui RadioPharmaceuticals Corp.

Mrs. Bigles is one of the founders of Coquí Radio Pharmaceuticals Corp. She is the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors. Her vison, passion, empathy towards other, perseverance and unshakable faith, has taken COQUI from an idea to assembling a world class team to deliver on the mission to create a commercially scalable and reliable supply of medical diagnostic and therapeutic radioisotopes in the USA using proven technology

Mrs. Bigles is also a co-founder of Serbig Pharma, a company that has one cancer treatment patent pending molecule for cancer treatment.

July 2014 to June, 2017:CEO, President of SMSA Crane Acquisition Corp.

2006 to 2009:CFO/Administrator, Caribbean Radiation Oncology Center.

Mrs. Bigles undertook the challenge of bringing to Puerto Rico state-of-the-art medical technology for cancer treatment unrivaled in Latin America. She led the licensing of Caribbean Radiation Oncology Center and took part in its design. Soon after, she created a construction company Momentum Construction and headed the construction of the $12 million facility. She developed a new, quick-curing, high-density concrete for radiation shielding of the facility, and her keen attention to detail and exceptional organizational skills made it possible to open the clinic one year ahead of schedule.

Mrs. Bigles has deep knowledge of the building construction types needed for successful development. Through her background in medical facilities construction she has gained critical skills that ensure compliance with the design and established regulations codes, which are far more stringent than those imposed on most other industries.  She is committed to cost efficiency and quick turnaround of projects while maintain quality and profits. Analytical and resourceful, she solves problems by identifying the macro and micro variables that are creating the conflict; she then solves it while minimizing risk.

Mrs. Bigles directed the licensing process for a second radiation oncology facility and optimized operational efficiency. The clinic’s standard of patient care and data was discussed in the Scientific Journal of the American Association of Physicists in Medicinein 2009 and was commended as the standard to follow.

2000 to 2003: Project Coordinator, Gresham Smith and Partners.

Mrs. Bigles worked as Project Coordinator for Gresham, Smith and Partners and worked in the construction coordination of the following projects:

  • Memorial Hospital West ED expansion,
  • Plantation General Hospital surgery renovation,
  • Memorial Hospital Miramar,
  • Tournament Players Club at Valencia,
  • Shanks Space Utilization,
  • Palms West Level 11 NICU,
  • Atlantic Surgical Center renovation,
  • Palms West Hospital ED expansion, and
  • Douglas Gardens N. PH1.

During this time, she was a professor of Design to the freshman class at the University of Miami, School of Architecture.