Ian Turner is a successful CEO with prodigious international experience in high technology industries, specializing in the leadership of global organizations undergoing change. He has a record of corporate success in radiopharmaceuticals, nuclear industries, life sciences, and medical devices.

Most recently, Turner served as CEO and President at Siemens where he was responsible for the global PETNET and Cyclotron businesses. PETNET operates the largest PET radiopharmaceutical network in the world with over 55 radiopharmacies in seven countries.

Previously, Turner was responsible for the radiopharmaceuticals business of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) in Australia, which is home to INVAP’s OPAL nuclear reactor. He successfully created and led ANSTO’s initiative to be the first international commercial supplier of Molybdenum-99 derived from low enriched uranium. He also served on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development High-level Group on the Security of Supply of Medical Radioisotopes.

Turner has master’s and bachelor’s degrees in electronic engineering from RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia and has a Company Directors Diploma from the Australian Institute of Company Directors. He is a sought-after public speaker and global authority on PET and SPECT radiopharmaceuticals. Turner has served on various boards in different countries and consults for private equity firms. He is well published and has a number of patents.

Research and Professional Experience

2014 to Present: Board of Directors, Coqui Pharmaceuticals. Ian serves on the Board of Directors for Coqui Pharmaceuticals, which is a company whose mission is to create a commercially scalable and reliable supply of medical diagnostic and therapeutic radioisotopes in the United States. Ian is a globally experienced general manager in life science, pharma, medical device & healthcare and brings high-caliber analytical skills and strategic planning, and the charismatic leadership necessary to implement successful change. He is a conceptual thinker with the ability to motivate teams and build the framework for high performance and innovation. In this role, Ian is a strong negotiator & facilitator, who can deliver continuous improvement, operational excellence & business growth.

2013 to Present: CEO/Executive consultant, Turner Group. Ian is the CEO and an Executive Consultant for the Turner Group and currently provides executive consulting services in the USA, Asia and Europe to Global Investment Banks such as private equity firm Warburg Pincus, global consulting firm L.E.K. Consulting, PWC, Guidepoint Global, Gerson Lehrman Group, McKinsey, AlphaSights and more.

2010 to 2012: CEO/President, Siemens PETNET Solutions & CCS. As the President and CEO of a subsidiary of Siemens, PETNET Solutions Inc. manufactures radiopharmaceutical drugs, and Siemens CCS designs and manufactures cyclotrons and chemistry solutions.

2005 to 2010: General Manager/Executive Director, ANSTO Radiopharmaceuticals & Industrials. Ian was headhunted to turnaround Siemens underperforming global radio pharmacy lines of business in the face of poor earnings and failing reputation. He strategically led two companies, 600 employees, and a budget of US$180M across nine countries, twelve legal entities, and four joint ventures. Ian successfully implemented a new strategic vision, re-engaged customers, and invigorated the culture. In this role, he:

  • Critically analyzed and initiated company-wide cultural and operational change management processes including the successful launch of a Global Customer Focus Plan. Rationalized unprofitable services and led a refocus on core business and expanding global networks.
  • Developed a five-year global strategic plan that substantially increased sales revenue and provided a 34% increase in gross profit at CCS in the first year.
  • Leveraged Siemens’ portfolio synergies to secure a US$150M radiopharmaceutical contract in a new Neurological market and a US$80M contract in the existing Oncology market. Similarly, negotiated and acquired new products and manufacturing rights and was first to meet new FDA regulatory requirements.
  • Expanded operations globally with new manufacturing sites in Spain, France, and India. Commenced construction of a new manufacturing site in Germany.

2003 to 2005: Global Business Manager, HPLC and Compliance. Ian was strategically appointed to transition an unprofitable organization with poor reputation, safety practices, delivery metrics, and employee morale into a robust operating entity. Oversaw multiple sites with nuclear reactor, cyclotron and radiochemical/radiopharmaceutical production, a budget of AU$60M and 185 staff. He dynamically led a spectacularly successful five-year change management program. He increased revenue 114% over five years by partnering with overseas companies, negotiating new licensing agreements, rationalizing the product portfolio, and raised AU$35M to upgrade and automate nuclear facilities

2000 to 2003: Global Sales & Marketing Senior Executive/Manager, HPLC and Compliance. Ian Turner was promoted directly to the Executive Team to transform underperforming High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) business unit across six global manufacturing sites that was unprofitable, losing market share, and required urgent strategic redirection. He delivered robust profitability in two years, prepared and implemented a global strategic plan encompassing business plans and acquisition briefs for operations in the USA, Europe and Australia, and consolidated manufacturing to Australia and negotiated Government financial support – reduced cost of goods sold by 30% and improved managerial control over production and export. He also delivered vastly improved product control via the implementation of compliance programs, achieving re-certification to ISO9001 and ISO14001 and the creation of specialist Global Centers of Excellence, and led a company-wide product brand recognition program which raised the corporate profile internationally.

1996 to 2000: Operations Executive/Manager, HPLC and Compliance. Ian led global sales teams marketing a range of innovative new MRI and NMR products. He oversaw acquisitions, joint ventures, and distribution agreements, eight managers and 75 globally dispersed employees. Other achievements include; achieved double-digit growth in first year and played a key role in the doubling of the company share price, delivered global pricing strategy, new Sales Team Incentive plan, and OEM distribution agreements, and led due diligence and acquisition of new organizations, the initiation of strategic partnerships, and the introduction of leading-edge products to the marketplace. He also implemented Lean Manufacturing methodology across a 200-employee site producing instruments and spares for five spectroscopy and spectrometry product lines. Provided leadership to teams spanning Production, Manufacturing Engineering, Facilities, Quality, Environment and Customer Support. 1988 to 1996: Various Positions, HPLC and Compliance. Ian’s prior positions include Extensive experience gained at Varian as Global ICP-AES Product Line Team Manager, Program and Project Manager, Senior Electronic Engineer/Scientist, and Electronic/Radio Frequency Engineer.

Education and Training

  • MS, Masters of engineering, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 1987
  • BS, Electronic and Communications Engineering, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, 1983

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